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Hayden Wayne

Hayden Wayne (born 3/2/49) (composer/librettist) may be one of the first in his generation to take the rare route through pop/rock music's highest levels to achieve a firm synthesis of these ideals with classical traditions.



Sinfonietta #1 is a Klezmer chamber orchestra work. ORCHESTRATION 2 Flutes doubling on Piccolo and Alto Flutes 2 Oboes 2 Bb Clarinets 2 Bassoons 2 Horns in F 2 Bb Trumpets Timpani (30”, 28”, 25” 23”) 8-1st Violins 7-2nd Violins 6-Violas 6-Celli 3-Basses DOINA-(4/4 LARGO Cadenza) HORA –(2/4 ALLEGRO) DOINA-(4/4 LARGO Cadenza) HORA-(2/4 ANIMATO) DIONA-(LARGO Cadenza) VULACH-(3/8 GRAVE) HORA-(2/4 ANDANTINO) VULACH-(3/8 GRAVE) HORA-(ALLEGRO) DOINA-(4/4 LARGO Cadenza) Running time: (12:34)


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