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Immune compromise is going to be the single factor in determining our longevity, let alone, if we survive.


Immune compromise is going to be the single factor in determining our longevity, let alone, if we survive.

Viruses will come and go, but it will be our level of vulnerability that will keep us resistant, marginally effected or bring on the complete collapse of our organism.

Mono-agriculture has seriously depleted the nutrients in our soil. Separating grazing animals from the fields for growing and cycling their rotation during the season ended the natural fertilizing from droppings, as well as the trampling of grasses, which then help the soil hold moisture. The herd moves on and the field is ready for tilling and planting. And, the livestock, from naturally grazing, don’t need antibiotics, let alone be fed meal laden with antibiotics and steroids.  Our livestock are fed corn and soy to fatten them up. Eating the livestock fattens us up. Herbicides and pesticides have neonicotinoids, which have been proven to have negative neurological effect on our body. We consume one hundred twenty grams of antibiotics a year, without taking drugs, from preservatives in our food.

Then there’s the astronomical consumption of sugar, whether refined as a separate additive, or its alternative, fructose, a toxin, which has been disproportionately added within the delivery system of food and drink. No wonder we’re the fattest nation in the world. Fast food is everywhere and killing us.


Swollen from ignorance

We wallow through life

Dependent upon opinion

Incapable of using our own logic

Addicted to processed agendas

as food

Incapable of nourishment

Growing more obese as does our illiteracy

Resistant to defending ourselves

From losing the only wealth we have ever had

Our Unalienable Rights

Relegated into a global gulag


Droned out

under the silent cries of passivism

Vanishing under the theology of the corporate state

Forced to be isolated

In the darkness

As we once used to be while dinosaurs ruled the earth

Until they, too, evaporated

Leaving us a clear path to evolve


While the world has ground to a halt

I am windswept with the stars

Awash in endless possibilities

For surely creation is our essence

Our very being

Our consciousness

Unleashed to be

All that is possible

Within the light speed of imagination

A fixed point

Endless and always

As it has been written

As it has always been and will always be