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We The People

We are witness to history repeating itself. Psychopathic anarchists have been incited and unleashed. Their mission just falling short of burning down the German Reichstag (2/27/1933), yet again, but this time, it is the Capital, the representational temple of democracy here in the United States, as well as being the symbol of democracy for the rest of the world.  

This seditious physical attack on the our nation’s Capital building 1/6/2021, as well as the continued attacks on our most precious Constitution, from this narcissist megalomaniac moron, which was egged on from day one by the press, who saw a cash cow in advertising during the Republican primary, who never questioned his rude behavior, overt lying and ignorance, which clearly demonstrated he was unfit for the office for which he was competing, was tolerated, thus allowing this demigod to gain traction succeeding in its fascist purpose; fulfilling the cynicism of the electorate, who in spite of a three million vote majority against, the electoral college made President… separating us further through fear and now needed security to protect the institution from the mob.  

Yes, this traitor, Trump, whose self-congratulatory arrogance is more like Benito Mussolini’s and his advisor, Steve Banning, more like Hitler’s chief of staff, Martin Bormann, has clearly violated the Constitution’s domestic emoluments clause (Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 7), as well as the Logan Act, has succeeded building his wall. A security fence is now around the Capital building preventing what was once free access for the People. Armed to the teeth, these violent psychopathic thugs came very close to inflicting physical damage to the temple of democracy, which was built during Lincoln’s presidency. There was a threat to those inside it. Five people died in the may lay, including a policeman who was bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher.  As was the Reichstag burned by the Brown Shirts during the aspiring Nazi movement, we witnessed what could have proven a repeat in history, ultimately being overrun by fascists whose only contribution to society is the clear demonstration of their own self-victimization and self-loathing, which manifests itself in hating anything and everything in their path that threatens them -- such as moral enlightenment.  

How sad it is We, who uphold the law, find ourselves with less and less civil liberties because of anarchy. Yes, the world does devolve at its lowest common denominator!  

When one wonders how a country like Germany, with such a seemingly fathomless culture, could devolve to allow the election and subsequently accept the dismantling of their legal system permitting a degenerate, named Adolph Hitler, to gain total unquestionable power and not only take their country down the road to war and total destruction, but while in the process create the ultimate industrialized killing machine that has never been matched in history… one has to wonder how it could possibly happen without the willingness of its people...ordinary people.

When reading history and any particular scholar’s work that is unquestionably well wrought on the subject, no matter how well incrementally detailed, it is still a glossing over the ever so slow creep of sepsis that ultimately led to that society’s total decay.

We are now witnessing that nefarious Nano-creep of devolution right now within our country. And when the moment comes of realization, “How did we get to here?” It will be too late and the forces of evil will have to play themselves out to their kinetic conclusion...most likely consuming itself, as well, within its own satanic self-destructiveness.  

Yes, Hitler is alive and well, when the everyday Joe can be seduced as readily as we seem to demonstrate by our culpability not to hold people accountable for their actions, shouting out their lies and unquenchable lust for greed and thirst to remove our civil liberties, as well as holding our institutions, like the press responsible to tell the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, while proudly holding science as our foundation and the litmus for any society’s success and evolution… not some emotional faith-based incitement of sensational rhetoric. We must      hold all corporations accountable to pay their respective fair share of taxes in order to pay for a thriving infrastructure, which would contribute to an evolving education and healthcare system, not this slow creep of decay that has brought us down to, not only where we are, but where we will ultimately collapse into anarchy.

There are reasons why our lives are the way they are!
And by the way…
If you think government is too large,  
or you simply don’t like  
the way the government is clearly not working.  
Guess what?  
We’re the government.  
It says so in the instruction manual…
ya know, the Constitution…
We the People…”
Plague is a group psychosis of immune vulnerability allowing the body to weaken to complete susceptibility
It is also true of the mind through the destruction of our educational system
and resulting loss of morality, compassion, accountability and the tools to be Human