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November 2016


A sniper, in Dallas, shoots twelve, killing five, wounding seven, because he wants to kill white people and is killed with an explosive devise delivered by a robot.


A sniper

Former soldier


In a war of race

Shooting whites

In a sea of blackness

Such pain!

Such rage!

Such hopelessness!

Such impotence!


Human no more!


Why did we cause this?


We are reaping what we sow!


It’s time for a new planting…


     …a harvest of endless



 As long as anyone of us perpetuate self-victimization

we will always remain the victim!


Complete breakdown

Our divisions

We cause

Our hatred

We fester

Our greed

We cherish

Holding onto whatever morsels we can find

To the point of criminal insensitivity

Moral depravity


Oligarchical arrogance

Predicated on greed

Manipulation of race and religion

So to control

So to divide

So to enslave

So to cast soles like grains of sands

Filling endless deserts of hopelessness


Distracting us

From synergistic fulfillment


Its purpose

Complete global domination


The genie is out of the bottle

Anarchy will only rise

Caused by the cowardice of this demonic force

To solely make profits

Enslaving us all

Within their subjective alienable rights

When Unalienable Rights are the Rights of We the People



We are distracted emotionally

They are extremely focused

Consciously choosing to destroy our educational system

In order to remove the tools how to think

While a bought media tells us what to think

While bought politicians promise to rectify the problems

And seem to only wreck the solutions

Our chance of any equity

While a criminal justice system too often demonstrates lack of even-handedness, proving itself most criminal


In order to cripple

Our ability to rationalize


In order to define one’s purpose

In order to create hope

In order to succeed


They know too well

An even playing field

In order to create opportunity

Does not serve their satanic purpose

Prepared to live underground

While we destroy ourselves above


Huge stockpiles of food and necessary supplies have

already been secured in vast underground tunnel systems

with the belief they will survive after we have destroyed ourselves through their specific instigation


Then they plan rise again within their righteousness

and replant the Earth with their genetically modified seeds


Billions will die





The Human Race


60% of the world’s population is twenty years and younger, 25% is fourteen years and younger, with the grater majority in abject poverty, ignorance and without the infrastructure of hope.


Eighty-eight people have the same aggregate wealth as five billion on this planet, dispersing power down through another three hundred families, when it’s really a specific group of individuals who truly pull the strings.


Rothschild (Bauer or Bower)





Cavendish (Kennedy)

De Medici     






Sinclair (St. Clair)

Warburg (del Banco)

Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)


The Vatican



The list goes on…


Petro Dollars

Federal Reserve Dollars

Military Industrial Complex Dollars

Agriculture Dollars


Legions of vampires

Reptilian zombies void of morality and feeling

Willing, wanting, savoring to suck us dry


Let us not forget:


We the People…

…In order to establish a more perfect union

Insure domestic tranquilly

Promote the general welfare

Provide for the common defense

Secure the Blessings of Liberty

To ourselves and our Posterity…


Let us let forget the established legal precedent:


…when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is OUR Right, it is OUR Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for OUR future security.


Yes, it is time

Through literacy

Through the power of the word

To spread like wildfire

That we are of one purpose

This resolve:

Life is to be cherished

All life is sacred

A biosphere in balance and respected

Where everything is possible!



Humanist Party


predicated upon:


Education, Healthcare

and Infrastructure as Unalienable Rights


Fair wages proportional to a company’s profit earnings


Recognition and necessity to honor all life and perpetually regenerate it for the common good!