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The Way I See It

Faith based


onto every word

from their orange messiah

as gospel


a dark comic genius

setting himself on fire

seducing the media from day one


as the mischief is in full press

packing the federal courts for life

with like-minded right wing arch conservatives


maintaining the exact substandard

to perpetuate lies


dismantling social programs


erasing humility

chloroforming humanity

subjugating women not to have control over their own reproductive Rights

alienating allies

embracing tyrants…


for us to be appalled by the present immigration policy

separating children from parents who have illegally entered the country…




where is the action?

where is the protest?

why are the streets not full with indignation

placards, shouting and marching feet?

disavowing any approval

any connection

to this orange menace and pandering sycophants


this is an overt Human Rights violation!

not rising up against it

only proves our continuing hypocrisy


our history’s continuing hatred


we slaughtered the indigenous of the New World

and defiled the pristine land

through our self-righteous piety for God, Glory and Gold

millions died


we slaughtered our American indigenous

stole their land


and then…


the concentration camps of reservations


separating their children from their parents

putting them into orphanages

taking their language away

taking their culture away

all under the auspices of Christianity

punishing these children harshly

if they didn’t abandon who they were





African slaves

brought to the Americas

from 1525-1866

affecting 12.5 million

where 1.8 million died in transit

388,000 brought to the United States

King Cotton ruled the day

Capitalism at its best demonic indifference!

rationalized through Christianity

leading to the Civil War

rationalized pro and con

killing seven hundred plus thousand of ourselves


and then…


in spite of the 1/1/1863 Emancipation Proclamation by Lincoln

slavery continued

Jim Crow

peonage which affected 800,000 lives in the south

for 80 years

finally ending 12/12/1941 by


but segregation continued

overtly in the south

covertly in the north


all the lynching’s of African Americans

4,400 in twelve different southern states from 1877-1950

all the photo ops by those who relished the event

making sure their face was clearly documented

men, women and children posing

in their Christen righteousness

their specific communal piety


and then…


concentration camps for our own Japanese citizens during WWII under Roosevelt


and now…



regardless of race or sexual orientation

still exists

too many still not given an even playing field


not a hand-out

but an environment so to self-motivate

an environment demonstrating the tools so to evolve

so to contribute to the greater good


this is a world

of the deaf and blind

whose only interest is its own reflection

believing in one geo-political God

the only way towards salvation

indifferent to Truth and science

self-involved demagoguery


politically corrected beyond the enlightened of merit

relegated into numerical quotas

of appearance and sexual proclivity


this fake news movement

beyond rendering us to not know what to believe

exhausting us into such extreme passivism

succumbing to the special interests in financial control

total imperial power

solely predicated upon greed

hiding behind patriotism

perverting our most elevated utopian legal document

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness


an intellectual exercise

created by the most  incongruous of men

tearing  it down at every opportunity

through the courts

through bought legislation


we did it

unleashed the corporate banking oligarchy of military theocracy

constant war

constant surveillance

constant suppression

constant antagonism towards the unity of dignity

blurring what is most human when fighting for our Rights

with every psychotic nihilist anarchist

who only wants martyrdom




stealth is the ultimate freedom!


social media has opened the floodgates of chaos

opinions like assholes

everyone’s got one




A.I. is listening


every transaction

every idea

every interest

every opinion

every titillation

surmising our motivations and outcome


America is dying

she is seriously, towards terminally, ill

poisoned by these very un-United States of united hatred and special interests

how can we possibly be moved by children separated from their parents when it is we who have separated ourselves from the greatest utopian legal premise, promise, ever created?




if America is allowed to perish

through the wanton greed of the corporate United States

the lights will go out around the world


material driven fascism will be the striving impetus

whether from the boardroom

or the individual


reptilian lust

impulse driven

predatorily cannibalistic